Brochure: Collaborative Robots Integration Solution

Collaborative robot solutions and integrations for a variety of industry specific applications

Whether streamlining your packaging operation, or to automate the R&D laboratory operations for precision and consistency, CXV Global’s use of collaborative robots have a multitude of solutions. As companies continue to look for ways to improve their efficiency, automation of current manual processes produces the best results. While traditional automation methods are often expensive, CXV Global’s ability to create and design unique solutions using collaborative robots provides low cost but highly flexible modules.

CXV Global have a unique blend of integrated software and hardware-based solutions, business process knowledge, understanding of the Life Sciences Industry and cGXP requirements. This combination makes us a valuable asset to companies looking for an edge in this dynamic environment of quickly evolving technology and rapid globalization, while complying with existing and future regulations. What sets CXV Global apart is our ability to integrate the collaborative robotic solutions within existing business operations and systems.