Packaging Line Automation

Centralized Line Automation Software Technology

When faced with changing regulatory, technical, and business process requirements, Life Sciences manufacturers traditionally were left the difficult decision of whether to conduct a “rip and replace” packaging line automation software overhaul or add further technologies in an ad hoc fashion. The decision was complicated further when multiple sites around the world were faced with a similar challenge.

In a post-serialization regulation world, this model of installing disparate software from multiple vendors has been replaced by a superior approach. Leading manufacturers now select centralized line automation software technology from CXV Global, choosing a systems integrator with the experience and capability to deliver multi-site, multi-national scale projects.

CXV Global SmartFactory
CXV Global SmartFactory

Enhanced pack line operations through integrated automation &
digitalization of production processes 

The factory of the future ushers in opportunities for manufacturers to work more efficiently and flexibly, generating new value and customer experiences.  Whilst organizations understand the need to embrace new technologies, breaking through the early stages of adoption often presents a serious challenge. 

CXV Global SmartFactorytm closes the gap by elevating current line capability; digitally enhancing the packaging inspection process; securely integrating the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) automation technology of the production line with the corporate information (ERP and MES) systems, enabling the delivery of compliant products to market with maximum efficiency, quality and profitability.

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Packaging Line Automation
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