Machine Vision

Inspection Systems Are the Cornerstone of Our Expertise

We supply our customers fully and semi-automated inspection systems to guarantee the highest quality of their products and packaging systems.

By deploying machine vision systems on automated manufacturing, assembly and packaging lines, CXV Global allow our customers to produce their products at far higher speeds, with greater levels of quality control, precision, accuracy and repeatability than is possible with manual inspection.

We Leverage the World’s Leading Machine Vision Equipment and Software

We are Platinum Partner System Integrators for Cognex, allowing us to leverage the world’s leading machine vision equipment and software to develop applications and systems for your requirements.

We deploy these systems to meet the industrial and regulatory demands of industries where high reliability is critical, including pharmaceuticals, medical devices, automotive and logistics. Our long-standing blue-chip customers in these industries are a testament to our decades of expertise delivering solutions you can trust.

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Machine Vision
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