Our Vision Products

Turnkey systems for specific applications of machine vision and automation.

These are proven solutions developed for recurring industrial challenges, delivered to you with the reassurance of previous deployments, validation and ongoing support. Examples of CXV Global machine vision products include:

CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter

Portable vial counting station, eliminating vial counting errors, whilst reducing the time taken to count vials by up to 80% when compared to typical manual vial counting and reconciliation procedures.


LineDirector™ delivers complete line management, component verification and compliance with CFR21 Part11. LineDirector™ facilitates full control of all line peripherals from a central access point, eliminating manual data entry errors. Batch variable data can be sent to cameras, printers, checkweighers and all images from cameras are stored centrally for audit trail data integrity.


PrintInspector™ is an in-line print verification system that seamlessly integrates to industrial thermal transfer printers, e.g. Zebra.The high-resolution system protects the integrity of content and print quality in regulated industries, including medical device labelling. PrintInspector™ scans and identifies defective labels at the point-of-printing, eliminating the risk of labelling errors that could result in recalls and compromised customer safety.

Line Clearance AssistantTM

LineClearance Assistant™ leverages machine vision technology to support the line clearance activities of your inspection team. A network of small form factor cameras is installed on, above, below and within your line equipment to ensure a complete clearance has occurred. Vision systems are more repeatable and faster than manual inspection, and record objective images evidence of successful line clearances. The result is improved operational efficiency and quality compliance while reducing the physical demands on operators to inspect hard-to-access or hard-to-see areas.


Crate-ID™ is a traceability and reconciliation system for Returnable Transit Items (RTI’s). It is designed for use in the logistics and distribution industries, e.g. of fresh foods, to count both inbound and outbound crates. With millions of RTI’s being stolen, mislaid or damaged, the use of deposits has increased the incentive to Track and Trace all the RTI’s that are in use. With Crate-ID™, scanning, counting and identification takes only seconds, with a precision better than 99.9%. The machine vision system in Crate-ID™ can optionally be equipped with RFID technology.


Predator3D integrates machine vision verification into adhesive dispensing robotic systems. It ensures the proper adhesive and/or sealant volume is dispensed at the correct location in real-time with no cycle time impact, thus minimizing excess sealant. Predator3D uses 4 lasers to inspect bead size, volume, and location, and detects any nozzle skips or “neck-downs”. Z-tracking compensates for part variation by enabling the robot to adjust nozzle height in real-time during dispensing.

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