Line Clearance

Digitalizing the Line Clearance Process

Digitalizing the line clearance process to enable clients in regulated industries to deliver products to market with maximum efficiency and quality.

SmartFactory LineClearance AssistantTM(LCA)

Leverages value of existing line investment & generates billions of dollars in additional revenue

Builds secure repository of line clearance evidence

Slashes inspection times by up to 85%

Removes hundreds of tonnes of paper & machine waste from landfill

Reduces time lost through workplace injury and absence

Demand for Line Clearance Technology

Life Sciences manufacturing and packaging leaders face production uncertainty every day. Current manual line clearance procedures exacerbate this situation and exposes companies to delays, risk and unnecessary costs. There is an industry wide push to drive smart line clearance technology into the factory of the future.

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of respondents experienced one or more line clearance deviation in the previous twelve months. 20% had ten or more line clearance deviations 

0 %

of respondents said that “rogue components” not picked up cause line clearance failures 

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of the total respondents said that line clearance was in excess of 60 minutes for a complete product changeover 

Source CXV Global Industry survey conducted mid-late 2022. Confidential Online questionnaire of Life Sciences professionals

Improving Operational Efficiency

Using patent pending technology to reduce line changeover times is the single greatest potential for improving line availability: entire shifts worth of availability can be unlocked by deploying a machine vision system that conducts inspections in milliseconds that would normally take operators minutes.

The CXV Global SmartFactory LineClearance Assistant (LCA) is a machine vision system which assesses the line clearance during line changeovers through objective electronic decisions that are quicker to achieve and repeatable when compared with manual line clearance procedures.

The use of technology during the line clearance process dramatically improves OEE% whilst reducing the time it takes to complete a line inspection by up to 85% when compared with human observation.

Up to 20% capacity utilisation improvement is possible as the digital line clearance technology automatically stores images that pass the inspection in a repository and then highlights to the operator the areas where rogue components are detected, saving the operator a significant amount of time during the line clearance process.

Improving Compliance


The SmartFactory LineClearance Assistant (LCA) includes features which support compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11. Industry leading inspection technology ensures that each camera inspection is accounted for before the Line Clearance can be completed. The system builds a bank of evidence each time a line clearance is completed, providing assurance that visual inspections of the line have been conducted correctly.

The digital system allows for full traceability of all inspections and operator activities. SmartFactory LineClearance AssistantTM supports achieving compliance by implementing controls to protect the integrity and the access to the data. Deployment of the system into GAMP 5 environments can be carried out rapidly and risk-free, as a full software validation pack is provided with the system.


Improving Health & Safety


The patent pending LineClearance Assistant technology reduces the health and safety risks to the operators working on the line. The carefully placed vision systems eliminate the requirement for operators to reach high, hard to reach spaces, carry out “blind” checks, and examine low light and dark areas. The technology essentially reduces the operators’ requirement to reach, stretch or crouch to access tight hard-to-reach areas.

High resolution cameras can detect irregularities that the human eye would struggle to see, and a network of cameras provide an overview of the whole line simultaneously, which makes the operators role less hazardous.

CXV Global SmartFactory

Delivering a Digitalization Return On Investment (ROI) in typically less than 3 Months

The multi-camera vision system, which inspects the entire line simultaneously in seconds to increase line availability and minimize downtime, typically delivers a return on investment within 3 months.

Key Features & Functionality Ensuring Efficiency, Speed to Market and Compliance

Creating Factories Of The Future

Simultaneous, multi camera inspections cover the entire line in lightning quick time

State Of The Art Inspection Technology

Patent pending inspection technologies detect rogue components with unparalleled accuracy

Global Supply Chain Agility

Faster changeovers driving improved line availability enabling world class OEE%

Reduced Injury Risk

Cameras placed in hard to access areas dramatically reduces risk of workplace injury

Digital Compliance

Full digital traceability of all inspections and operator

More Line Availability

Return on Investment in as little as 90 days activity

Industry 4.0

Comprehensive, always available reporting and MES /eBR integration eliminates administrative nonconformities

Improved Quality

Proactively prevents line clearance failures from occurring

Accessing The Technology

To evaluate how SmartFactory LineClearance Assistant could best be deployed in your facilities, please contact us to arrange a line Gemba walk or remote assessment during which our engineering consultants will determine the optimal camera network and system installation for your needs and environment.

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