Ensuring Quality and Consistency through Pick and Place

The customer reached out CXV Global with two distinct challenges related to packaging of inhaled anesthetic product on site – material handling of integrated closures and inspection of a critical gasket on the interior of the closure mechanism. The customer needed to unload the closures from plastic shipping trays, inspect each gasket, and then place […]

360 Degree Bottle And Vial Inspection System

In many countries, the majority of medicines are packaged in bottles; however, because it is difficult to inspect bottles, 100% inspection of applied labels are rarely performed. Inspecting labels or defects on a round bottle is difficult because the bottle orientation is typically different on every bottle. The main challenge of this project for our […]

Vial Inspection

Our customer contacted the CXV Global team to complete a vision feasibility assessment to find a repeatable solution using machine vision technology capable of recognizing a number of defects. The solution was successfully developed and validated for each of the requested inspections. This solutions allows the customer to ensure consistency and reliability in these critical […]

Managed Service Provision (MSP)

Our client needed to manage a number of projects on site that required a range of specialist skillsets. The challenge our client faced was finding the subject matter experts at the right time and looked to CXV Global to manage all stages of the projects. CXV Global started with sourcing the right skills, deploying them […]

Functional Service Provision (FSP)

Our client needed to streamline the staffing structures of the packaging line facility in order to create consistency in output levels to meet KPI goals. Our client required a resourcing solution that would be secure but flexible, to allow the facility to scale up and scale down with the demand of the market. They also […]

Transforming Validation Processes

Our pharmaceutical client determined the need to implement an electronic validation solution to improve their site validation lifecycle process, ensuring completeness in a timely manner while reducing paper usage on site. Our client looked to CXV Global to manage all technical aspects of the software implementation to ensure that operational efficiencies were met and the […]

Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

The key requirement on this project was the serialization of products to meet Korean market regulations. Korean regulations mandate manufacturers to ensure secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products are printed with an item level serial number (SGTIN) in the form of a 2D barcode or RFID, as well as the capability to hold five lines of […]