Ensuring Quality and Consistency through Pick and Place

The customer reached out CXV Global with two distinct challenges related to packaging of inhaled anesthetic product on site – material handling of integrated closures and inspection of a critical gasket on the interior of the closure mechanism. The customer needed to unload the closures from plastic shipping trays, inspect each gasket, and then place […]

Robotic Labeling Solution

Work in laboratory environments requires accurate labeling of various vials, bottles, syringes, injectors, cartridges and other small cylindrical objects. Many specialized printers are available to print and apply labels, but require an operator to manually pick up and place the various products in the labeler and then back into the material holding tray. CXV Global […]

Electronic Validation Software Deployment

Our pharmaceutical client determined the need to implement an electronic validation solution to improve their site processes regarding the validation lifecycle in order to control paper usage onsite. CXV Global assist the customer in delivering the IT aspect including; preparing of environments for development, testing, validation and production.