Enhanced pack line operations through integrated automation &
digitalisation of production processes 

The factory of the future ushers in opportunities for manufacturers to work more efficiently and flexibly, generating new value and customer experiences.  Whilst organizations understand the need to embrace new technologies, breaking through the early stages of adoption often presents a serious challenge. 

              CXV Global SmartFactorytm

CXV Global SmartFactorytm closes the gap by elevating current line capability; digitally enhancing the packaging inspection process; securely integrating the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) automation technology of the production line with the corporate information (ERP and MES) systems, enabling the delivery of compliant products to market with maximum efficiency, quality and profitability.

Helping Achieve World Class OEE

The solution, inspecting the quality and integrity of 100% of the products, reduces batch set-up times by 33%; onboards new products 36% faster; eliminates manually generated data input errors; digitally transforms the paperwork process and automates the creation of batches from enterprise systems. The result of which is an all-encompassing “smart” product that ensures quality throughout production with full data integrity, traceability and dramatically improved OEE.

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Reduction in batch set-up times

0 %

Average increase in operational capacity

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Reduction in overall paperwork process


Hours of average labour savings per operator per year

Ensuring Global Supply Chain Agility

Supply chain agility can be enhanced through the real-time data provided by an array of inter-connected systems.  Through data analytics and visualisation, the system increases the manufacturers ability to make quick informed decisions ensuring the facility continuously operates in a lean and flexible capacity.

CXV Global SmartFactoryTM ensures that all factors/elements influencing supply chain agility are aligned to respond to rapidly changing market demand.

CXV Global SmartFactory

Creating Factory of the Future through Digital Transformation

CXV Global SmartFactorytm is an intelligent manufacturing solution with machine vision algorithms, AI and big data analytics, connecting previously siloed automation and information systems, creating new forms of efficiencies and flexibility, ensuring factory-of-the-future initiatives become a reality.


Improving Compliance through Digitalisation

CXV Global SmartFactoryTM  is designed to continuously meet the needs of cGxP in diverse global regulatory markets. It ensures traceability across all batches, recipes, and SKUs.

Meeting the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11/Annex 11 and built to GAMP 5 principles, the system adheres to the highest standards of data integrity and user access management. It offers bespoke role level access and group integration with Active Directory.

The system provides a suite of compliance reports ensuring  system controls and audit logs provide process transparency and make certain that errors, deviations and CAPAs are avoided. The system also comes with a standard set of validation documentation (FDS, SDS, IQ/OQ), ensuring  a fast and robust validation process.

As the market becomes more diverse, more complex and even more demanding, SmartFactoryTM introduces a level of connectivity, flexibility and simplicity making your manufacturing factories increasingly agile, efficient and competitive.



CXV Global SmartFactory

Key Features & Functionality Ensuring Efficiency, Speed to Market and Compliance

Vision Functionality

  • OCR, Component Verification, 1D & 2D Barcode Reading & Grading using Cognex Vision tools
  • Standardised Vision Templates
  • Comprehensive Inspection Detail

Software Management

  • Management of Cognex In-Sight, D900, VisionPro GigE, DataMan Reader, DM475V, and Serial Devices
  • Recipe and Batch Level Versioning
  • Variable Data Verification


  • Secure In-Batch region and font training wizards
  • Alarm Management
  • Multilingual Support

Documentation & Reporting

  • Auto Generated Batch, Audit and Alarm Reporting

User Control Access

  • Customizable User Security Roles

Operator Support System

  • Windows 10 IoT Enterprise


  • Active Directory Integration (LDAP)
  • Centralised SQL Server
  • UPS Integration
  • MES Integration (XML, IDoc), OPC UA Server


  • Full CFR21 Part 11-compliant sign-in and digital audit trail

Accessing The Technology

To evaluate how SmartFactoryTM could best be deployed in your facilities, please contact us to arrange a line walk or remote assessment during which our engineering consultants will determine the optimal camera network and system installation for your needs and environment.

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