Serialisation & Aggregation Software Solutions

Serialisation & Aggregation Software Solutions Powered by Antares Tracking System (ATS)

Specialist track and trace systems for pharma packaging. The ATS System has been installed, validated and in production on over 750 lines worldwide is a complete software solution set designed to meet customers’ serialisation and aggregation requirements on the basis of stringent drug tracking regulations.

The ATS Philosophy Is Entirely Modular, Based on the Following Core Components:

Plant Manager

The heart of the track and trace system, integrated with the company ERP Servers to allocate work orders to the production lines and manage the information received in real time from the production lines.

Warehouse Manager

Allows warehouse or distribution centres to prepare shipments through re-aggregation and decommissioning of containers and manages ePedigree information and history.

Line Manager

Line control software to manage line work orders, configure line devices and accesses the proper production receipt/formats from the site databases.

It provides a complete solution linking line equipment at Level 1 to multi-site visibility and control at Level 4 by deploying an integrated system across the pharmaceutical enterprise.

Complete Software Suite to Manage Track and Trace/E-Pedigree of Drug Packages

Antares Tracking System (ATS) is the complete software suite to manage track and trace/E-Pedigree of drug packages. ATS has already proven its functionality and efficiency in plants around the world, fulfilling all the regulations introduced in jurisdictions (e.g. Turkey, Korea, Argentina, China, European Union, etc.) and serialising and aggregating over 5 billion SKUs.

The ATS architecture is completely open to different corporate ERPs and to the supply chain. The philosophy behind ATS is completely modular and scalable and is based on a set of cycles with redundant control: check of the inbound codes, print the data, and check the outbound codes. The control cycle is carried out by machinery specifically designed for the different levels of the production and packaging line, starting from the single package, to the bundle, the case and finally the pallet.

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