R&D Automation

We Help Quantify Routine Operations and Streamline Methods to Provide Integrated Automation Solutions Throughout the Laboratories

Establishing and refining processes are critical to moving drugs through R&D, and rapid application development and informatics solutions are the backbone for assisting life sciences companies in the laboratory analysis aspects of drug discovery. High throughput screening solutions, custom data warehouses, and aggregation dashboards are all pieces of the technology repertoire that help ideas advance in the development life cycle. As the liaison between the IT group, business, and scientist, CXV Global helps quantify routine operations and streamline methods to provide integrated automation solutions throughout the laboratories.

Leveraging a Combination of Cutting-Edge Technology and Integration of Proven Systems

With the cost-to-market for an FDA approved drug at an estimated $1 Billion and nearly one-third of its patent life currently spent in R&D, the pharmaceutical industry battles profitability and return on investment in its research labs on a daily basis. CXV Global aims to assist companies in establishing a technology roadmap to leverage a combination of cutting-edge technology and integration of proven systems to maximise efficiency in moving drugs through R&D and into the clinical space.

Lab and Clinical Environment Solutions

CXV Global’s solutions are aimed at increasing the workflow efficiency resulting in higher ROI through reduced costs and increased throughput. Laboratory automation, when implemented correctly, eliminates the risk of human error in tracking, analysis and reporting of data from diagnostic specimen and samples.

Data Management and Integration

At the speeds of production in modern manufacturing, assembly and packaging facilities, only where data is managed centrally can operations be optimised. Exponentially more operational data is being generated by increasingly connected devices and production equipment. Faced with this data avalanche, multi-national manufacturers are partnering with CXV Global for their data management and integration expertise.

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