On-site Engineering

Working on Site With Our Customers’ Engineering Teams for On-Time, On-Budget Delivery of Critical Projects

At CXV Global, we pride ourselves on over 30 years of on-site experience and success, ensuring on-time, on-budget delivery of critical projects.

Working closely on site in collaboration with our customers’ engineering teams is a key part of the overall service we provide.

Our certified engineers add their experience to both the hands-on, technical delivery and the validation execution required to:

  • Install new equipment
  • Retrofit to existing lines/machines
  • Execute FATs at our facility or at a machine builder’s facility
  • Execute SATs at the customer’s facility on arrival of the equipment
  • Execute Installation IQ, OQ, PQ protocols to complete validation
  • Conduct preventative maintenance visits to ensure uninterrupted uptime

The scope of work to be delivered, scheduling, logistics, communication, inductions etc. are agreed in consultation with the customer by our project management team.

For after-sales support, we provide Customer Service Packages that offer a combination of remote and on-site support as a proactive way to minimise disruption and loss of production.

We Also Provide Engineers for Extended Periods of Time Through Our Resourcing Solutions Models

These include:

  • Project Resourcing for an individual or small number of specific engineering skillsets
  • Managed Service Provider (MSP) for a multi-disciplinary team to deliver projects on your behalf
  • Functional Service Provider (FSP) of large numbers of resources to fully staff entire workstreams or processes, from production operators and warehouse staff right up to specialised Engineering, QA, Supply Chain skillsets.
Managed Services Case Studies

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