Managed Service Provision

Our Managed Service Provision Solves Complex Client Resourcing Challenges & Reduces Risks

Delivering critical projects with resourcing staff sourced from multiple agencies or individual contractors exposes manufacturers to unacceptable risk. A unified team from a single provider is a more effective approach to deliver projects on time, within budget and in a compliant manner.

MSP Solution

Using our agile and flexible Managed Service Provision model, CXV Global solve complex client resourcing challenges. We provide a team of staff to the client to deliver a range of projects that enhance the site’s capabilities and efficiency. An internal reporting structure can be created within the CXV Global MSP on-site team to streamline interaction with the client’s project management team.

Resourcing the Team

CXV Global take a partnership approach with the client to ensure that the appropriate people are sourced for the right roles throughout the MSP team. CXV Global ensure that the right level of SME is provided to match the roles in line with customer expectations. SME areas include engineering, supply chain, manufacturing execution, serialisation, quality assurance and validation.

Developing the Team

Once in place, CXV Global train and develop our on-site team to ensure client technical needs are continuously met in an ever-changing environment. We work with our clients in the planning phase of new projects to ensure that the team are fully trained in technology and procedures to enable successful completion.

Functional Service Provider

Going beyond the project phase into ongoing operations, an expanded version of an MSP is a full Functional Service Provider (FSP) model. Here the client insources our expertise to manage and staff their functions. You keep the visibility & control, as we produce batches in your facility.

We put a management and HR team in place on-site to co-ordinate with our FSP clients. You own the assets, and Crest Solutions manage them for you, including staffing the process, as is appropriate for the operational scope.

We take responsibility for productivity, compliance and quality within the function, operating under the clients’ SOPs and final approval. An FSP contract delivery differs from outsourcing to a CMO/CPO: it eliminates the loss of visibility, control, quality, and consistency that can be experienced when your product is produced far from your facility.

Managed Services Case Studies

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