Professional & Managed Services

For Over 30 Years, CXV Global Have Been Trusted by World-Class Life Sciences Manufacturers

Delivering solutions to our Life Sciences partners across the full spectrum of manufacturing & support services

Enabling our customers focus on their core business while we focus on supporting their operational & project needs.

Why Our Clients Recommend CXV Global:

Specialists in Life Sciences industry for over 30 years;

Committed to employee retention, development and certification;

Excellence Through People, Best Managed Companies & ISO9001 accreditation across the group;

Expertise in understanding specific engineering resourcing requirements;

Empowering you to focus on your core business.

Our Resourcing Solutions Are Delivered in Models You Can Select to Best Match Your Needs


Consulting Services

  • Delivery of niche skills such as Embedded Engineers for a period.
  • Managed through dedicated team lead.
  • CXV Global employees/ contractors.
  • Direct to client & via managed vendor solutions.


Project Solutions:

  • PMO/project team to complete a defined piece of work.
  • Managed by CXV Global Project Manager/Lead.
  • Success is defined by delivery against pre-agreed milestones


Functional Service Provider (FSP)

  • Responsibility for a specific function within the customer site.
  • Large-scale deployment managed against agreed KPI’s / metrics.
  • Resources are ours/directed by us
  • Managed by dedicated FSP Manager.


Transformational Outsouricng:

  • Transition of resources from multi-vendor staffing solutions to services agreement.
  • Complete due diligence, confirming skills mix & benchmarking.
  • Post assessment, we work with the client to define delivery model for each function & agree KPI’s.

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We’ve been leading the way in the solutions we bring to customer problems and in the deployment of leading edge technologies for over 30 years.