OEE/Line Efficiency

Delivering solutions that positively impact all aspects of your OEE and line efficiency

We have assembled a technology suite that measures OEE in real-time to give insight into line efficiency, but also give you the tools you need to drive changes to those metrics.

We do this by considering the entirety of your operations and seeking productivity gains when the lines are running and when they are in set-up/changeover mode.

Optimise OEE Using Real-Time Data

CXV Global has partnered with Parsec to deliver its innovative TrakSYSTM platform for Manufacturing Operations Management with OEE reporting delivered in real-time to your browser-enabled devices. It is a complete, cost-effective solution that provides tangible insights to drive process improvement to Life Sciences companies and other business sectors that involve complex manufacturing.

TrackSYS TM, through its range of configurable integrated modules, will help you to:

  • Automate the collection and visualisation of KPI-based metrics including OEE;
  • Reduce manufacturing process times;
  • Identify root causes of production losses;
  • Automate notifications, escalations and workflows based on machine and line states;
  • Enhance employee engagement in plant floor operations;
  • Comply with industry regulations and auditing;

TrakSYSTM collects data and events from PLC’s and sensors which is then contextualised and displayed in a suite of standard reports or fully customized views. TrakSYSTM web server delivers data including OEE to devices including PC, shop floor monitors, tablets, smartphones etc. giving you the insight to optimise manufacturing operations.

Minimising Line Changeover Times

Targeting total line availability in your OEE calculation, CXV Global has developed innovative technologies to minimise line changeover downtime:


CXV Global SmartFactorytm

Closes the gap by elevating current line capability; digitally enhancing the packaging inspection process; securely integrating the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) automation technology of the production line with the corporate information (ERP and MES) systems, enabling the delivery of compliant products to market with maximum efficiency, quality and profitability.


Line Clearance

SmartFactory LineClearance AssistantTM

LineClearance Assistant leverages machine vision technology to support the line clearance activities of your inspection team. A network of small form factor cameras is installed on, above, below and within your line equipment to ensure a complete clearance has occurred. Vision systems are more repeatable and faster than manual inspection, and record objective images evidence of successful line clearances. The result is improved operational efficiency and quality compliance while reducing the physical demands on operators to inspect hard-to-access or hard-to-see areas.

Machine Vision
Packaging Line Automation
OEE/Line Efficiency

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