Vision Providers

We Partner With World-Leading Providers of Machine Vision Software, Hardware and Machine Applications

Leveraging our partners’ machine vision software technology, we consult with our customer to design solutions optimised for their specific requirements and project delivery schedule.

Our machine vision software partners include:

CXV Global are System Integrators (PSI) of Cognex, the world’s foremost provider of machine vision hardware and software. Cognex’s popular range of In-Sight smart cameras and VisionPro PC-based software has been brought to new frontiers with the addition of 3D displacement sensors, laser measurement profilers and ViDi deep learning software. The latter is the first deep learning-based image analysis software designed specifically for factory automation. Combining artificial intelligence (AI) to solves complex applications that are too difficult, tedious, or expensive for traditional machine vision systems. 

This constant innovation is matched by CXV Global’s expertise in application development, integration and compliant delivery.

CXV Global offers the world’s leading serialisation and aggregation solutions from Antares Vision to achieve compliance with pharmaceutical anti-counterfeiting legislation. CXV Global are the exclusive Partner Integrator for Antares Vision in the UK, Ireland, Benelux, Scandinavia and US. We add our project management, engineering delivery and ongoing support expertise to the Antares Vision hardware and software. Our partnership has seen CXV Global make 500+ pharmaceutical packaging lines compliant with differing international regulations mandating serialisation and aggregation.

Global Vision is the world leader in the design and delivery of Innovative Proofreading Technologies, offering products for all stages of the packaging industry. Companies from around the globe rely on Global Vision’s solutions to eliminate printed artwork and copy related errors found on items such as labels, cartons, inserts, leaflets, press sheets, manuscripts, procedures and contracts. CXV Global partners with Global Vision to exclusively offer and support their leading products in artwork and packaging sites throughout Ireland and the UK.


CXV Global is the European partner of Coherix and brings to its customer base the latest and very unique 3D laser inspection solutions. Coherix develops and manufactures high-speed, high-definition 3D machine vision solutions that allow our customers to manage their high-volume, automated assembly and manufacturing processes specifically for end customers, machine builders and OEM’s in the Automotive Industry. This partnership establishes a centre of excellence at VistaLink for delivering 3D laser inspection solutions to complete the existing vision offering to these Automotive plants and Tier 1 suppliers. 

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