Vision Products

CXV Global Have Delivered Vision Systems to Customers for Decades, Many As Bespoke Solutions Retrofitted to Existing Manufacturing, Assembly and Packaging Lines

Partner Products Overview

Where a suitable product solution is available from our world-leading partner providers including Cognex and Antares Vision, our Design & Development engineering team will integrate and customise these solutions for you.

Our Products Overview

CXV Global’s Product Development engineering team develop turnkey systems where we have found a suitable partner system is unavailable, or where a bespoke solution we have delivered has repeat applications for other customers.


As a company focused on solving our customers’ challenges, we pride ourselves in identifying applications that we can deliver repeatably with our CXV Global machine vision products.

Machine Vision and Robotics Case Studies

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We’ve been leading the way in the solutions we bring to customer problems and in the deployment of leading edge technologies for over 30 years.