Vision Application Types

Fully and Semi-Automated Inspection Systems With Complete Validation and Support Packages

Machine vision inspection systems are at the core of our expertise. We deliver our clients fully and semi-automated inspection systems with complete validation & support packages to guarantee the quality of their products and packaging.

Vial Inspection

CXV Global have extensive expertise in vial inspection solutions for a wide array of requirements, including tip, crown cap and fill inspection; vial counting; particulate matter; scratches; surface defects; crimp inspection; label inspection; stopper detection; text verification. Our automated systems return results on real-time inspections of 300+ vials per minute, in fully validated turnkey systems throughout Europe and USA

Blister Inspection

Machine vision is critical in the inspection of pharmaceutical blister packs to verify the correct filling of the packs and to remove the risk of product mixing, vagrants and/or excess product. Variable data printed on lidding materials is inspected inline to verify data correctness and legibility.

Print Inspection

One of the most common inspections in pharmaceutical packaging is that of print and text inspection and verification on products and packaging. Typical applications inspect for and verify lot & date code; batch variable data; OCV and OCR; 1D & 2D barcodes; IFU leaflets; label presence and alignment.

Pack confirmation

Pack Confirmation: is everything present in the package? Product Mix Avoidance: is anything extraneous present? Typically, the product is just one component of a complete saleable pack. Vision systems inspect and verify presence of other components also, including Instruction For Use leaflets (IFUs), counting of multiple units in a pack, while detecting the presence of vagrant or extra parts.

Component verification

LineDirectorTM from CXV Global delivers complete line management, component verification and compliance with CFR21 Part11. LineDirectorTM facilitates full control of all line peripherals from a central access point, eliminating manual data entry errors. Batch variable data can be sent to cameras, printers, checkweighers and all images from cameras are stored centrally for audit trail data integrity.

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