Automate & Improve the Inspection of Pharmaceutical Products and Packaging With Machine Vision Technology

CXV Global automate many inspection and automation functions around your sterile fill-finish and oral solid dose manufacturing and packaging operations.

The inspection of pharmaceutical products and packaging to ensure patient safety is a critical quality control function. Machine vision technology delivers standards of resolution, speed and repeatability not possible with manual visual inspection. 

Sterile Pharmaceuticals


Primary Packaging

  • Detection of vial and pre-filled syringe cosmetic & functional faults/cracks
  • Flip-off seal cap/tip: colour & integrity
  • Vial aluminium crimp: quality, dents or snicks
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Product Inspection

  • Particle inspection inside the product in liquid, lyophilised or powder form
  • Floating, suspended and sunken particles down to 20mμ
  • Leak test with vacuum trend analysis and head-space gas analysis (HSGA) for container closure integrity (CCI) testing
  • Fill level verification

Secondary Packaging

  • Verification of variable data label print integrity
  • UV base-coding for Bright Stock applications
  • Serialisation to unit level, and case level for US regulatory requirements, with aggregation to bundle, case and pallet levels
  • Vial counting turnkey systems for 100% accurate counts in seconds

Oral Solid Dose

Primary Packaging

  • Antares Vision Blister Fill Control® verifies capsules and tablets and on any support material: transparent PVC or colour PVC, Alu-Alu, polypropylene, PVDC even in low contrast situation
  • Performed controls: counting, colour correctness, shape, geometry, presence of spots and impurities, cracks and breaks, chipping, mix-up, vagrant and extra product
Line Clearance

Product Inspection

  • Antares Vision TCI®: Tablet & Capsule Inspector machine
  • High throughput up to 300,000 products/hour
  • Identification of defects down to 50μm
  • High quality colour inspection of the entire tablet/capsule surface
  • Very low false reject rate: optimised vision algorithms
500 packaging lines

Secondary Packaging

  • Serialisation and aggregation from carton to pallet levels to meet regulations
  • Reading of 1D & 2D codes, and variable data text to confirm print integrity and data accuracy
  • High speed/resolution checks of 400+ cartons per minute
  • Global VisionTM Incoming QC electronic proofreading of IFUs & booklets

World leading partner providers

CXV Global have delivered vision systems to automotive customers for decades. Where a suitable product solution is available from our world-leading partner providers including Cognex and AntaresVision, our Design & Development engineering team will integrate and customise these solutions for you.

Examples of these systems can be found here:

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