CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter

Eliminating Vial Counting Errors, Reducing Count Time By Up To 80%

The new CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter provides a portable vial counting station, eliminating vial counting errors, whilst reducing the time taken to count vials by up to 80% when compared to typical manual vial counting and reconciliation procedures.

Through the provision of an all in one Vial Counting station utilising state of the art vision algorithms the CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter provides an off the shelf automated vial counter to accelerate batch reconciliation and ensure that accurate counts are recorded and auditable throughout the vial production process.

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At a Glance

Inbuilt User Authentication and Roles

With inbuilt user authentication and roles providing security driven access to key system capabilities including recipe management, new vial training and vial counting then your data integrity is maintained throughout the lifecycle. All activities and vial counts are accessible through a full audit log providing traceability of all batch counts for later review, auditing or report extraction, helping minimise the cost and time spent during quality audit reviews.

Built to Cleanroom Standards with Validation Pack

Built to clean room standards and supplied with a full validation pack for the life sciences industry the CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter supports counting of most industry vial sizes – (2R to 30R – ISO 8362-1*, plus 1ml to 50ml typical capacities), full spectrum of colours (due to smart lighting) and even counts capped or uncapped vials.

Portable All in One Station

A portable all in one station allows customers to deploy the CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter to serve several different lines as required, typically delivering a return on investment through digitalisation of less than 12 months over manual processes before considering the increased production capability returned through the in process time savings.

CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Wizard Technology

Through utilising our CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Wizard technology the Vial Counter Station allows our customers to train new vial products for tray counting within a matter of minutes, avoiding the need to access highly skilled machine vision engineers to set-up and configure.

Key Features:

Fully Automated and Portable System Using the Most Innovative Machine Vision Technology.

  • The CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter, using state of the art vision algorithms, detects and provides alerts of foreign and fallen vials ensuring accurate counts.
  • The vision system allows rapid changeover for counting trays of different sizes, as well as vials of different sizes.
  • The system uses a smart lighting system which allows the light colour to be set per product allowing the system to cater for the full spectrum of colours.
  • The standalone system has an integrated printer which only prints labels once the tray has “passed” the inspection.
  • The CXV Global SmartFactoryTM technology is specifically designed to integrate to MES, ERP OEE systems and can be a crucial factor in increasing efficiency on the factory floor.
  • The CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counter is a standardised solution meaning it can be delivered, deployed and validated quickly across local and global sites.
  • Standalone and portable meaning one vial counter can serve multiple lines with different products.
  • Built to clean room standards.

Design and Functionality


  • The all in one CXV Global SmartFactoryTM Vial Counting station includes the machine that holds the vial trays, mounted camera unit, lighting configured for optimal image capture and a touch panel PC with all required software as the operator console. The unit is designed to be both portable and autonomous


  • The system utilises security controls to ensure our customers can achieve regulatory compliance such as; FDA 21 CFR part 11
  • GAMP compliant


  • The all in one CXV Global SmartFactory Vial Counter is delivered with a complete documentation pack, including sample URS, FDS, HDS and SDS, IQ/OQ, PQ, and trace matrix, specifically designed to ease the validation process

User Access Control

  • Local user accounts
  • Active Directory integration
  • Customised role based access

Printing & Reporting

  • Printer in-built and designed only to print a label when the correct amount of vials are present thus electronically ensuring count integrity

Operating System Support

  • Windows 10 LTSB1 or later

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