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We Also Provide Solutions to Industries Such As FMCG, Electronic & Cosmetics

As well as regulation for pharmaceuticals and life sciences, CXV Global also assists clients in other industries to comply with stringent quality standards.

We deploy our leading vision hardware and software solutions for clients inspecting products and packaging for consumers in FMCG, Electronics and Cosmetics industries.

Our Capabilities

Vision inspection and verification applications can be applied at many stages throughout the manufacturing process. From manufacturing to packaging and transport, companies at each stage are under pressure to adhere to an ever-evolving landscape of regulations and standards, while striving to operate efficient, transparent supply chains to optimise investment and customer satisfaction. CXV Global has designed and delivered solutions for a range of challenges from colour inspection on cosmetic products to product mix in PCs.

One of the biggest challenges when dealing with cosmetic, or surface, defects on consumer-packaged goods is that they are dynamic, often caused by the forming process. Typical defects like hits, scratches, or stains may be indiscernible on a part’s textured surface during early production. These defects only become visible under specific lighting conditions later in the production process. While the cost of late detection can be painfully high, so can false rejects. This inspection is especially important in regulated industries where poor packaging quality can lead to recall events or customer complaints.

Conventional vision technology can often miss complex cosmetic packaging defects such as bubbles in labels, color degradation, scratches, cracks, overprint, and over-wrap or under-wrap issues. These types of unpredictable defects or variations are easy to discern by human inspectors, but very difficult to program with rule-based machine vision algorithms.

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