Medical Devices

Machine Vision Technology Brings Certainty to Medical Device Quality Control Checks

CXV Global are experts in machine vision for medical device applications with over 30 years’ experience with leading FDA-approved device manufacturers for whom we verify millions of parts daily.

Among critical in-process quality control technologies, none gives greater certainty to medical device manufacturers than machine vision. High-resolution cameras capture evidence of in-process checks; perform minute inspections on dimensions, counts and text; and verify that a device has been manufactured, assembled, packed and labelled correctly every time.  

Manufacturing & Assembly

  • Dimensional checks: Length, width, check-weighing
  • Angular checks: Angularity, circularity, concentricity
  • Surface checks: Free from defects, burrs, dents, blemishes
  • Colour checks: matching actual to expected colour
  • Direct part marking checks: text, codes, graduation marks

Kitting & Packing

  • Pack Confirmation: is everything present in the package?
  • Product Mix Avoidance: is anything extraneous present?
  • Recording of kitting by barcode scans and images is superior to manual checks
  • Counting of multiple parts into larger packs
  • Check-weighing and image verification for pack completeness

Packaging & Labelling

  • Packaging line management of peripherals, batch/serialised data and part pairing
  • PrintInspectorTM: 100% verification of thermal transfer printed labels
  • Text, images, barcodes, variable data, presence checks, ribbon crease detection
  • Unit level traceability/serialisation and aggregation of cartons to case level
  • Global VisionTM: Incoming QC proofreading of IFUs & booklets with Global Vision

World leading partner providers

CXV Global have delivered vision systems to automotive customers for decades. Where a suitable product solution is available from our world-leading partner providers including Cognex and AntaresVision, our Design & Development engineering team will integrate and customise these solutions for you.

Examples of these systems can be found here:

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