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We Count the World’s Top Manufacturers in Cosmetics, FMCG and Electronics Among Our Clients

For over 30 years, CXV Global have been trusted by world-class manufacturers who face significant challenges in advancing product quality and still meeting the demands of growing the bottom line and overall business profitability.

Improve Quality Control, Boost Efficiency and Reduce Downtime Across Manufacturing and Supply Chain Operations

As well as life sciences, automotive, logistics and food and beverage, CXV Global design, install and support technologies that improve quality control, boost efficiency and reduce downtime across manufacturing and supply chain operations for clients in FMCG, Electronics and Cosmetics. When planning multi-site, multi-national projects, our customers value the scale and capability of CXV Global as a single partner to deliver projects globally and support them locally across 10 time zones. This spans technologies including machine vision, robotics, traceability solutions, manufacturing operations management, professional and managed services, and digitalisation to create factories of the future.

Automated Inspection Solutions for Cosmetics

Efficiency and customer safety are essential aspects to consider when manufacturing cosmetic products. A common requirement are automated inspection systems that eliminate the uncertainty and error that comes along with having humans perform the packing and inspecting of product for many hours.  CXV Global have a wide variety of solutions that can ensure excellent product safety, improved efficiency, lower costs and compliance. Our Design & Development engineering team will integrate and customise these solutions for you:

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