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Maximising Output While Maintaining Quality Control in Food & Beverage Production

Competitive and regulatory pressures, dietary requirements and increased consumer demand are shaping the food and beverage manufacturing landscape. Companies are seeking automated solutions to ensure their production output of good product meets market demand and stringent quality standards. CXV Global can apply their range of technologies and services to address the key concerns of food & beverage producers: maximising output while maintaining quality control. 

Robotics/ Cobots & Automation

CXV Global automate manual processes through our expertise in robotics and cobot applications. Common tasks in food & beverage facilities that are primed to transition to robotic operation include picking & packing, erecting of boxes and palletising. Elimination of manual repetitive tasks frees your operators up for more value-added areas of operation, while delivering predictable, consistent results. 


Product Defect Detection

Inspection and verification of both product and its packaging is critical for maintaining quality control in compliant with FDA and national food regulations. We apply our over 30 years of experience in machine vision to verify packaging defects such as bottle closure, fill level, cap presence, colour confirmation and lot & date batch variable information. Machine vision can also be used to detect damaged or defective food items while also removing human subjectivity. Food items can be inspected to check a product’s color, the degree of ripeness, spoilage, or damage to raw ingredients. 

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Packaging Print Inspection

One of the most common inspections in food and beverage packaging is that of print and text inspection and verification on products and packaging. Typical applications inspect for and verify lot & date code; batch variable data; OCV and OCR; 1D & 2D barcodes; label presence and alignment.


Returnable Transit Items (RTI’s)

Crate-ID™ is a traceability and reconciliation system for Returnable Transit Items (RTI’s). It is designed for use in the logistics and distribution industries, e.g. of fresh foods, to count both inbound and outbound crates. With millions of RTI’s being stolen, mislaid or damaged, the use of deposits has increased the incentive to Track and Trace all the RTI’s that are in use. Scanning, counting and identification takes only seconds, with a precision better than 99.9%. The machine vision system in Crate-ID™ can optionally be equipped with RFID technology. 

Manufacturing Operations Management

TrackSYS™ MOM suite from Parsec is widely used by global brands in distilling, brewing and food manufacturing including Jack Daniels, Corona, Kellogg’s and Mars. It centralises control of your food & beverage manufacturing operations to minimise downtime and maximise resource utilisation. Functions including warehousing, materials management, OEE, quality & SPC are managed in one system, avoiding silos of operation and leading to streamlined processes.

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