Cosmetic automation solutions that ensure excellent product safety, improved efficiency, lower costs and compliance

Efficiency and customer safety are essential aspects to consider when manufacturing cosmetic products. With complex processes and faster production lines, operators are unable to inspect for packaging errors, contamination and quality standards without impacting efficiency. Manual inspection also increases risk of human-error. The second those defects leave the factory doors, they can damage the brand reputation. CXV Global have a wide variety of solutions that can ensure excellent product safety, improved efficiency, lower costs and compliance. Our Design & Development engineering team will integrate and customise these solutions for you.

Carton Inspection 

The CXV Global Carton Inspection Module is able to inspect and scrutinise newly produced cosmetic cartons. The variables the module inspects include the UPC (bar) code, shade label and LOT code. Any non-conformities are to be blown off the line via pressurized air into an electric locking reject bin. Through the automation of carton inspection, invalid or unreadable cartons can be eliminated from each batch at a constant speed and high accuracy to ensure a standardized output of homogeneous products.
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Manufacturing Operations Management

TrackSYS™ MOM suite from Parsec can centralise control of your cosmetics manufacturing operations to minimise downtime and maximise resource utilisation. Functions including warehousing, materials management, OEE, quality & SPC are managed in one system, avoiding silos of operation and leading to streamlined processes.


CXV Global provides a full turnkey package that includes system design, integration, and delivery of validated robotic applications. Our turnkey robotic systems can be used to replace and/or enhance repetitive operations while lowering cost and increasing quality. CXV Global advise on end-effector selection to match your handling requirement, and design and manufacture custom effectors where required.

Package Integrity Inspection

Is everything present in the package? Product Mix Avoidance: is anything extraneous present? Typically, the product is just one component of a complete sale-able pack. Vision systems inspect and verify presence of other components also, including Instruction For Use leaflets (IFUs), counting of multiple units in a pack, while detecting the presence of vagrant or extra parts.

Glass/Container Inspection

CXV Global have extensive expertise in glass and container inspection solutions for a wide array of requirements, including fill inspection, scratches, surface defects, label inspection, particulate inspection and text verification.
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