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The automotive industry has seen significant changes in recent years. A modern car contains thousands of components, each to be mounted and assembled in the correct order, being fully traceable and with great precision. Inline quality control by means of vision technology are essential to the production and assembly processes.

Safeguarding Production Processes of Automotive Manufacturers 

Our machine vision Systems have been safeguarding production processes of automotive manufacturers for years.

Capabilities in this sector:

Product, operation tests and inspections at different stages of the value chain are implemented to avoid product recalls, ensuring end-user security, safety and compliance with the automotive industry requirements. With our practical experience and knowledge, we assist the automotive industry to be faster, more efficient, precise.

Safety in the automotive industry is important and therefore highly regulated. We supply image-processing solutions and products that comply with the regulations. From risk assessments under design to health and safety during installation each stage in an automotive project requires compliance with an associated regulation or local norm.

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