Industries We Serve

Since 1988 We Have Been Assisting Clients in Regulated Industry to Reach Their Goals


The manufacturing and packaging of pharmaceutical products is highly regulated. We serialise, resource and optimise packaging lines for compliance for companies of all sizes.

At CXV Global, our close proximity to clients has resulted in a deep understanding of the processes and challenges occurring in the industry. A trusted partner, we have been assisting pharmaceutical companies to achieve compliance with regulations since 1986.

Medical Device

We count the world’s top medical device companies among our clients, who we have been serving loyally since 1986. In the face of increased quality issues and the high costs of maintaining compliance, Medical Device organisations face significant challenges in advancing product quality and still meeting the demands of growing the bottom line and overall business profitability. CXV Global is an ideal partner to help Medical Device manufacturers design and develop products that meet industry connectivity and interoperability requirements and standards.


In the automotive industry, CXV Global works directly with well-known car manufacturers, supply chain companies and systems integrators. The automotive industry has seen significant changes in recent years. A modern car contains thousands of components, each to be mounted and assembled in the correct order, being fully traceable and with great precision. Inline quality control by means of vision technology are essential to the production and assembly processes.


Since 2010 and onwards, traceability has become a strategic priority for logistic organisations within the Food & Beverage industry to enable increased supply chain quality, efficiency and transparency to enhance chain security and safety. CXV Global offers two main groups of solutions to the logistics industry based on a unique modular concept and combining the latest vision technology with new AI (Artificial Intelligence) Deep Learning technology.

Food and Beverage

CXV Global apply their range of technologies and services to address the key concerns of food & beverage producers: maximising output while maintaining quality control. We partner with our clients to deliver automated solutions to ensure their production output of good product meets demand.

Other Industries

As well as regulated healthcare industries, CXV Global also supplies inspection, marking and verification systems to customers in the cosmetics and electronics industries.

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