Line Clearance

Digitalising the Line Clearance Process

Machine Vision Expertise

For over 30 years, CXV Global has been designing and integrating inspection and verification solutions built on industrial machine vision technology. We enable clients to achieve regulatory compliance through the introduction of systems for inspection, serialisation, automation, product traceability and packaging line optimisation.

LineClearance AssistantTM

Based on over 3 years R&D within industry, our dedicated team of vision and software engineers have created an innovative solution that based on state-of-the-art machine vision algorithms. Our R&D collaboration with Life Sciences partners has delivered a solution that addresses the unique challenges of Life Sciences.

Leveraging innovative machine vision technology to support the line clearance activities of your inspection team.

A network of small form factor cameras is installed on, above, below and within your line equipment to ensure a complete clearance has occurred.

Vision systems are more repeatable and faster than manual inspection, and record objective evidence of successful line clearances in a library of stored images.

Demand for Line Clearance Technology

Life Sciences’ manufacturing and packaging leaders are driving the demand for line clearance technology. There is an industry-wide need to automate procedures to introduce greater efficiencies and more structured controls. Entirely manual procedures continue to hold the industry back and expose it to risk and unnecessary cost.

0 %

of respondents experienced a line clearance error in the last 12 months

0 %

of respondents said that rogue components not picked up for a cause factor for line clearance failures

0 %

of the total respondents said that line clearance was in excess of 60 minutes for a complete product changeover

**Source CXV Global Industry survey conducted March 1st to April 7th 2020.
Confidential questionnaire of 25 pharmaceutical companies

The Need for Change is Supported by Industry Leaders

“The Pharma Customer Markets and associated Compliance requirements are continuously driving the number and duration of daily Line Changeovers upwards – line efficiencies and the quality of line clearances are being negatively impacted. The digitalisation of this extremely time consuming manual process, as demonstrated by LineClearance Assistant, (LCA), has to be welcomed by the industry”.

Industry: Pharmaceutical Company

Benefits of Line Clearance Assistance


Improving Operations Efficiency

Using technology to reduce line changeover times is the single greatest potential for improving availability: entire shifts worth of availability can be unlocked by deploying a machine vision system that conducts inspections in milliseconds that take operators minutes.

Improving Compliance

Using a computerized system provides assurance that line clearance SOPs have been conducted correctly. Evidence of this is provided in a repository of stored images showing successful clearance checks. The system is validated for 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, GAMP5 environments with user authentication & access controls, audit trail and data integrity.

Improving Health & Safety

Vision systems can operate in low light and no light areas and reduce the operators’ requirement to reach, stretch or crouch for access to tight spaces. High resolution camera can detect irregularities that the human eye would struggle to see, and a network of cameras provide an overview of the whole line simultaneously.

R&D Manufacturing Case Studies

Accessing The Technology

To evaluate how Line Clearance AssistantTM could best be deployed in your facilities, please contact us to arrange a line Gemba walk or remote assessment during which our engineering consultants will determine the optimal camera network and system installation for your needs and environment.