Extended Reality (XR) Technologies

Virtual Reality in Manufacturing Enables Faster Learning, Understanding and Collaboration

In a rapidly changing manufacturing landscape, companies are constantly in search of technology that enables faster learning, understanding and collaboration.

With Virtual Reality in Manufacturing, your staff can train on equipment remote from its location and can “visit” a new laboratory or manufacturing line before it is even built. With Augmented Reality, operators can be guided on how to execute procedures or can receive real-time feedback from experts located remotely.

Virtualised Assets

CXV Global create digital twins of equipment, lines or areas, providing a 360-degree 3D version of your assets using Virtual Reality (VR). Users of VR can familiarise themselves with equipment usage without interrupting production time. This has applications for induction, training, demonstrations, and development of standard operating procedures. Links to user manuals, spare parts lists, etc. can be embedded in the 3D model for ease of access to supporting information.

Augmented Reality

When virtual information, graphics or links are accessed while interacting with the real space, this is Augmented Reality (AR). Looking at assets through use of headset or a tablet can allow a user to unlock functionality like exploring inside a machine or electrical panel without physically opening the door. Links to user manuals, validation documents etc. can be accessed while at the actual equipment by following on AR links on the headset or tablet.

Extended Reality

Combining VR and AR into an Extended Reality (XR) experience can allow a physical and virtual space to be merged. Applications here include when new equipment or upgrades are being planned in an existing production process, a virtual model can be overlaid on the real space to assess any pinch-points or unintended impacts of equipment and spatial design.

Digital Work Instructions

One rapidly growing application of XR technology is Digital Work Instructions (DWI). These guide users through operation procedures using small amounts of text, images and video overlaid on the real space. This eliminates operator error, ensures procedures are correctly followed, and that the evidence/information is recorded every time.  Deploying these to devices, including tablets and wearables including smart glasses, makes important information more readily accessible than traditional manuals. CXV Global are the exclusive Life Sciences industry partner worldwide for Picomto, the leader in DWI.

Remote Expert

With the Picomto DWI system in place, there is an additional benefit of fully secure end-to-end Remote Expert connectivity. By using a video and speech enabled headset, the worker on site can show the situation to expert personnel located remotely. They can be guided, advised and supervised on the resolution in real-time over a secure connection.  Remote Expert from Picomto is unique in industry as a dedicated & secure channel for all confidential customer data, rather than the traditional Skype, MS Teams or Zoom which have heightened security risks of data leaks.

World leading partner provider

CXV Global are the exclusive Life Sciences industry partner worldwide for Picomto, the leader in DWI. And Remote Expert

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