Digital Work Instructions

Digital Work Instructions Reduce Errors and Increase Efficiency in Manufacturing

Digital Work Instructions (DWI) are the solution to: 

  • Deliver relevant and compliant information to end users exactly when they need it
  • Reduce errors by guiding the execution of important tasks
  • Provide the option to deliver data to feed your continuous improvement processes
  • Deliver an audit trail that can help with CAPA investigations

Challenges with the Traditional Approach

Reduction of errors and increased efficiency are important in any manufacturing environment. The methods used to instruct and guide operators in carrying out tasks can deliver a substantial reduction in errors and consistent efficiency. Standard operating procedures and text-based work instructions can actually create barriers to efficiency. Operators may prefer to rely on (often flawed) memory instead of consulting heavily text-based SOPs.

The Digital Way

The solution lies in work instructions that are brain-friendly and easily accessible: allowing you to create, complete and perform in a visual, connected and smart way. Digital Work Instructions can convey guidance using appropriate amounts of text, images and video. Deploying these to devices, including tablets and wearables including smart glasses, makes important information more readily accessible than traditional printed manuals and folders.



• Version Control: Ensure that operators and technician only access the latest version
• Distribution Control: Share only to appropriate people or groups
• Approval Process: Submit your work instructions for review and approval


• Visual: Make your work instructions more understandable and brain-friendly by adding pictures, videos
• Mobility: Access all work instructions from smartphones, tablet or video headsets
• Languages: Translate and share your content in more than 100 languages

Data Capture & Analysis

• Digital Forms: Build digital data collection forms directly into your work instructions, with similar functionality to many electronic batch record (EBR) systems.
• KPIs: Analyse the usage of your work instructions and make continuous improvements

Our Connect Academy Is the Exclusive Life Sciences Partner Worldwide for Picomto, the Leader in Digital Work Instructions

We combine our domain expertise with the technology platform of Picomto to deploy and support DWI systems in multi-site, multi-national projects. The result is to deliver solutions for Life Sciences customers that unlock the full potential of Digital Work Instructions to drive efficiencies, compliance and worker engagement.

Connect Academy’s methods provide the human factors dimension of the deployment of a digital work instruction solution. This ensures that tacit knowledge in the form of SME expertise is captured and made available to less experienced end users. The Academy’s methods also ensure greater traction and engagement with end users and DWI creators.


Digitalisation Of R&D And Manufacturing Case Studies

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