Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric Access Control Systems Deliver the Highest Level of Identity and Location Confirmation 

Biometric Access Control Systems Provide the Required Authentication Without Removing Protective Equipment or Compromising Quality.

Secure Authentication 

In regulated environments, the standard approach to secure computer access and electronic authorisation and signatures is based on username/password and/or identification cards. These traditional methods of authentication are labour-intensive to administer and present significant risks associated with misuse and fraud.

CXV Global Biometric Access Control Systems deliver the highest level of identity and location confirmation using biometric technology. A biometric-based authentication solution compares a physical user’s biometric data (scan of the iris, fingerprint, or palm) against stored biometrics data and adds confirmation of the authentication to an electronic record. We have with Nymi, the global leader in biometric authentication technology, a unique wearable identity and proximity management solution. Selection of the appropriate biometric device for each area and application allows users to provide the required authentication without removing protective equipment or compromising quality.

Applications that support discovery, development, clinical trials, manufacturing, and packaging within Life Sciences companies are supported, including popular Electronic Laboratory Notebooks (ELN) and Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES). Our solutions streamline administration using an identity management software solution, allowing centralised management with integration to corporate Active Directory and/or LDAP platforms.

Strong Authentication

Based on classical two factor authentication methods:

  • Biometrics & Password
  • Biometrics & Smart Card
  • Smart Care & PIN
  • OTP & Pin


Authentication by fingerprint, palm vein, and iris for unambiguous identification of a person


Quick identification for fast user switching at shared workstations

Centralised Service

Identify Provider complaint to SAML and SDK support passwordless systems with a single central repository for credential store

Legacy Support

Password only based legacy systems or systems without interface to external authentication provider can still utilise ID Center by its included integration adaptors

Biometric Authentication Management Platform

Convenient, Secure, Efficient  

Biometric Software

Nearly every corporation uses systems like Active Directory or LDAP to manage its employees’ digital identities. Biometric access control systems link a user’s physical characteristics to their digital identity.

Convenient, secure, efficient – CXV Global’s Biometric Authentication Management platform recognises a person’s identity within seconds via their wearable device, iris, fingerprint, or palm vein pattern. The platform provides a 100% accurate basis for determining who has access to individual software applications, datasets, or physical locations/areas. The platform also significantly reduces the volume of help desk calls and ensures compliance with governmental regulations (HIPAA, FDA CFR 21 Part 11, SOX, etc.) and data protection law. Unsafe or complex passwords are now a thing of the past!

Biometric Hardware


Using Nymi’s unique solution, CXV Global offers a wearable identification and proximity solution that is activated by a user’s biometrics. Each band is uniquely paired with a user and all biometric information is stored locally on the band and can be deleted by the end-user. Nymi’s technology is also 100% compatible with CXV Global identity management platform, simplifying the administration of your biometric solution.

Nymi bands can also provide real-time location information that can be used to digitize your workers, offering them proximity-based warnings, contact tracing, and location-based access to systems and physical locations. Administrators are able to reduce risks and keep track of their workers using a digital twin model of the operation.


The Iris biometric hardware provides highly accurate, non-contact identification using a camera to capture user’s iris from approximately 14 inches. Every iris pattern is highly unique and stable for life providing the most accurate, fastest, and scalable option for both small- and large-scale biometric deployments.


The Biometric Mouse allows users to log on to their PC or laptop or provide an electronic signature by using their fingerprint as identification. Fingerprint readers can also be installed at fixed locations or on key equipment. By using biometric technology, companies eliminate the need for users to recall difficult user IDs and/or passwords and secure the systems and locations from unauthorised users.

Palm Vein

The Palm Vein hardware detects the unique vein patterns found under the skin of people’s palms. The PalmSecure sensor is a contactless device that emits a near-infrared beam towards the palm of the hand, causing the veins to appear as a detectable pattern to accurately confirm a user’s identity.

GlobalBiometric Access Control Systems

CXV Global provides IT integration, software, and hardware expertise to deliver, validate and support biometric access control systems in multi-site, multi-national deployments across your enterprise through our international scale and capability.

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