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We Combine Artificial Intelligence With Machine Vision for Factory Automation

Delivering scalable Deep Learning solutions to enable flaw detection and final assembly verification.

Deep learning ViDi is enabling new opportunities in automated manufacturing and inspection, many of which in the past were inconceivable.

Additional benefits beyond direct ROI (compared to manual inspections) include:


Documenting inspection results for the end customer

Continuous improvement

Logging images and decisions make it possible to improve over time

Upstream process control

Migrate inspection upstream


Correlating vision data to other metrics

Deep learning is opening up new automation opportunities – so why not challenge us to provide a solution for your next project?

Our Cognex ViDi solution

Neural networks are trained by example from images of good and bad parts. With their human-like judgment, they are especially suited for ambiguous problems such as cosmetic flaw detection and final assembly verification. They differ from classical machine vision approaches, which rely on rigid rule-based decisions using image processing filters, gauging tools, and other traditional vision algorithms. Unlike traditional machine vision solutions, deep learning neural network applications are trained by example.

ViDi deep learning is well-suited for eliminating faults prior to added value, or equally end of line final inspection. Projects are typically installed where traditional vision systems struggle with lighting, perspective, and part appearance.

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