Digitalisation of R&D and Manufacturing

Digital Transformations Automate Manual or Time-Consuming Processes Using Next-Generation Technology

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As leading companies look to embrace digital solutions to their operational challenges, CXV Global have responded with a solution set of innovative technologies that includes Machine Learning, Biometric Authentication, Digital Line Clearance Assistance, Digital Work Instructions, Digital Validation Solutions, and Extended Reality.


Extended Reality (XR)

In today’s complex world, companies are constantly in search of extended reality technology that enables faster learning and understanding. With Virtual Reality (VR), your staff can train on equipment without physically touching it and can visit a new laboratory or manufacturing line before it is built. With Augmented Reality (AR), operators can receive constant feedback on how to execute procedures and can provide and receive real-time feedback from remote support. Physical assets such as production equipment can be augmented by easily accessing linked information including user manuals, validation documents and parts lists through wearable devices including smart glasses.



CXV Global SmartFactorytm closes the gap by elevating current line capability; digitally enhancing the packaging inspection process; securely integrating the industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) automation technology of the production line with the corporate information (ERP and MES) systems, enabling the delivery of compliant products to market with maximum efficiency, quality and profitability.

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Biometric Authentication

As the number of complex manufacturing and packaging processes increases, companies need authentication and electronic signature solutions that are more secure and compliant while reducing the time it takes to document the process. CXV Global’s Biometric Authentication Platform provides an enterprise-ready platform that enables companies to integrate all forms of biometric authentication (fingerprint, iris and palm) and electronic signatures into their manufacturing or packaging processes.

Line Clearance

Line Clearance

The CXV Global SmartFactory LineClearance Assistant (LCA) is a machine vision system which assesses the line clearance during line changeovers through objective electronic decisions that are quicker to achieve and repeatable when compared with manual line clearance procedures.

The use of technology during the line clearance process dramatically improves OEE% whilst reducing the time it takes to complete a line inspection by up to 85% when compared with human observation.

Up to 20% capacity utilisation improvement is possible as the digital line clearance technology automatically stores images that pass the inspection in a repository and then highlights to the operator the areas where rogue components are detected, saving the operator a significant amount of time during the line clearance process.

Digital Validation Solutions

CXV Global offers digital solutions to manage the entire life-cycle of any validation, commissioning, or qualification process within your organisation. By digitising the validation life-cycle, manufacturers can achieve quality assurance best practices, improve productivity, and reduce time-to-market, changeover, and cycle times within their business-critical GxP validation and qualification processes.

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