When vision meets RFID – a partnership between VistaLink and Aucxis




Coöperatie Hoogstraten” (auction Hoogstraten) was looking for a tracking system that links the cardboard punnets and trays containing strawberries to the pallet on which they are stored.


They opted for a solution in which the trays are identified by means of vision technology. The further tracking and identification of the trays is done by means of the passive RFID technology.


“Coöperatie Hoogstraten”, one of the customers of VistaLink, now also entrusted us with its first challenge where both RFID technology (with our partner Aucxis) and a vision solution need to work in harmony i.e. the automation of the logistic process, so that a consumer and farmer come into contact with each other thanks to a single click.


A state-of-the-art installation forms the cardboard punnets, places them in the trays and provides each with a unique QR code that the vision tunnel of VistaLink picks-up. To enable the tracing of the pallets with the trays and punnets, Aucxis provides an RFID label on the pallets. This QR code is combined together with the RFID code of the pallet, which was installed by our partner Aucxis. This creates a link between the pallet label and the associated trays and punnets. “Coöperatie Hoogstraten” therefore knows perfectly which trays and which punnets went to which farmer.


Coöperatie Hoogstraten Director Hans Vanderhallen: “Linking the QR codes to an RFID tag creates a link with the producer who will fill the punnets with delicious Hoogstraten® strawberries. The collaboration between the partners VistaLink and Aucxis has given us an extra dimension that creates the possibility to connect the producer (farmer) and the consumer by simply scanning a QR code”.

CEO VistaLink Stéphane Van hoof: “The unique collaboration we have with Aucxis enables both our companies to offer combined technologies (RFID expertise and vision expertise) as state-of-the-art inspections to automation projects at our customers.”

Curious to find out more? Watch the video of Coöperatie Hoogstraten to see the process in action.


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