“Vision meets RFID” – VistaLink and Aucxis enter into a partnership

VistaLink and Aucxis are highly specialised solution providers who automate industrial processes based on their niche technology.

Both companies offer customised solutions (hardware/software) in the same market segments, and we are convinced that we can create significant added value for our target markets together.

We would like to join forces and exchange knowledge to strengthen our positions in the market based on our complementary knowledge.


VistaLink has built up an extensive expertise in automation and industrial image processing by means of vision technology.

The company has specific experience in machine vision and meets the requirements of regulated industries such as the automotive, pharmaceutical and distribution (pooling) industry.

Aucxis is an established provider of RFID technology: as an auto-ID and RFID supplier and integrator, we define, develop and integrate the most appropriate RFID solution for your business process to be automated.

We have extensive practical knowledge, which allows us to distinguish ourselves in the market in terms of performance and efficiency.


Both parties only see benefits in the partnership – quotes of the CEOs:

Stéphane Van hoof – VistaLink: “This collaboration enables us to add RFID expertise to existing and future quality inspections and other automation projects at our customers.”

Geert Vonck – Aucxis: “The collaboration with VistaLink allows Aucxis to complete its range of solutions with inspection systems based on vision, thanks to which Aucxis can provide even better services to its customers.”