Solution Spotlight: Vial Inspection Turnkey Systems


The inspection of parenteral liquids, primary & secondary packaging to ensure patient safety is a critical quality control function in aseptic environments. Pharmacopeia regulations mandate visual inspection of product to safeguard patients. Machine vision is used to achieve a level of resolution, speed and repeatability not possible with manual visual inspection. CXV Global automate many inspection and automation functions around vial, pre-filled syringe, large volume parenterals and pen delivery fill-finish and packaging processes. Our automated systems return results on real-time inspections of 300+ vials per minute, in fully validated turnkey systems throughout client sites in Europe and the US.

Typical Vial Defect Inspection Type:

  • Dent on seal
  • Scratched Seal
  • Missing Seal
  • Missing Stopper
  • Crimp Seal Integrity
  • Damaged Crimp
  • Deep score on vial
  • Dented vial
  • Text Verification


Key Features: Turnkey Vial Solutions 

Vial Counting Machine
•Free-standing or in-line machines
•Counts at discrete process stages e.g. pre-autoclave, post-labelling
•Expected count or absolute count results in milliseconds
•Rapid changeover of vial formats, cap diameters and colours

Crimp Inspection Machine: Inspecting for Damaged Crimp
5 camera system at 300ppm:

  • 4 inspecting crimp
  • 1 reading UID on top of vial

Existing machine design, drawings and validation documentation allow a rapid turnaround time from machine order to delivery to vaccine production site. 

Visual inspection with Cobot handling 
Manual re-checks of rejected or suspect product vials or syringes using conveyors or Cobots past contrast background panels can standardise inspection approach, maximise throughput, improve quality and reduce repetitive strain injuries in operators.

Vial Labelling Systems
Automation of vial rotation to standardise label application and machine vision verification in off-line small-batch mode.

Fully automated vial inspection
Inspecting up to 24,000 containers per hour, with rapid change of formats from 1ml to 1000ml. Particle inspection down to 20mµ, fill level, primary packaging checks, vacuum leak detection, headspace gas analysis for liquid, lyophilised or powder filled vials.




Key Considerations for Pharmaceutical Companies:

Primary Packaging

  • Detection of container cosmetic & functional faults/cracks
  • Flip-off seal cap/tip: colour & integrity
  • Aluminium crimp: quality, dents or snicks
  • Vial & syringe containers: neck, shoulder, upper & lower body, bottom & bottom edge
  • Syringe plunger presence & verification
  • LVP hanger presence and integrity verification

Product Inspection

  • Particle inspection inside the product in liquid, lyophilised or powder form
  • Floating, suspended and sunken particles down to 20mμ
  • Leak test with vacuum trend analysis and head-space gas analysis (HSGA) for container closure integrity (CCI) testing
  • Fill level verification

Secondary Packaging

  • Label presence/absence and alignment on container
  • UV base-coding for Bright Stock applications
  • Serialisation to unit level, and case level for US regulatory requirements, with aggregation to bundle, case and pallet levels
  • Global Vision™: Incoming QC electronic proofreading of IFUs & booklets
  • Vial counting systems for 100% accurate counts in seconds

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