Solution Spotlight: Advanced Robotics

As companies continue to look for ways to improve their efficiency, automation of current manual processes produces the best results. While traditional automation methods are often expensive, CXV Global’s ability to create and design unique solutions using collaborative robots provides low cost but highly flexible modules.

Collaborative robots, called cobots, are a newer technology that allow an operator to work side-by-side with robotics without guarding. Cobots provide a lower price point and lower integration cost to the customer, providing a faster return on investment that unlocks many more industrial tasks for automation.  CXV Global advise on end-effector selection to match your handling requirement, and design and manufacture custom effectors where required.


Examples of Robotic Applications

Among the wide range of tasks that can be automated using robotic cells, the following are common applications undertaken by CXV Global:

Machine Tending

Cobots remove the need for many workers to be occupied tending to CNC machines, feeding and removing parts as they are machined. The cobot can open and close the machine door, pick and place parts before and after they are machined, and even start the machining process by pushing a button!


Patterns for placement of boxes onto pallets are easily programmable using the palletising wizard in the Universal Robots cobot software.

Box Erection

Taking flat boxes off a stack and erecting them into a useable format as outer shipper cases is a repetitive and time-consuming action in industry to which cobots are ideally suited.

Functional Testing

Many manufacturing/assembly processes require every single part to be functionally tested as a final QC check. Cobots perform this repetitive task very well, particularly with the addition of a force-torque sensor to control precision twisting or click-closure actions.

Bin Picking

Using Photoneo’s 3D scanning cameras, we can identify individual parts piled in random orientations and guide a cobot to bin-pick for feeding of conveyors or machines.


CXV Global Turnkey Robotic Solutions

Our turnkey robotic systems can be used to replace and/or enhance repetitive operations while lowering cost and increasing quality.

  • Robot
  • End-Effector
  • Programming
  • Machine Vision (for guidance / inspection)
  • Recipe Management
  • Line/Controls Integration
  • Installation
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Start-up
  • Validation (if needed)

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