Solution Spotlight: 360 Degree Bottle and Vial Inspection Solution


CXV Global have extensive expertise in inspecting cylindrical containers like vials and bottles. Depending on the size of the container we use one of two approaches.

Approach Number 1: Pericentric Lens (Single Camera): For small vials CXV Global use an innovative lens called a pericentric lens which allows us to see the top and sides of the vial simultaneously. It does this through the clever use mirrors inside the traffic cone shaped lens.

Approach Number 2: Multi-Camera System (4-Camera Lens): In the case of larger bottles and vials CXV Global set up cameras in four positions (north, south, east and west) each of which can take an image of 90 degrees of the cylindrical surface. Putting these together gives us a 360 degree view of the sides of the container. A further camera is positioned to look down at the top of the vial itself or a barcode scanner is used to read a 2D data matric on the cap of a vial. The video below shows you a pericentric lens set up.

Key Features: Pericentric Lens and Multi-Camera Solutions 

  • Pericentric Lens or Multi-camera
  • Full 360-degree bottle capturing
  • Recipe management and editing
  • Large HMI and user-friendly interface
  • User Management, Audit Trail, Alarms


Pericentric Lens (Single Camera):

  • Less complex and less expensive
  • Up to 400 parts per minute
  • Limited to small bottles or vials



  • Whole side of bottle scanned
  • Able to do cap/crimp inspections
  • Up to 70 parts per minute

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