On Demand Webinar: How To Improve Your Manufacturing Efficiency and Automate Current Manual Processes with Turnkey Robot and Cobot Solutions

As companies seek ways to improve operational efficiency, the automation of manual processes is providing greater speed, consistency and reducing costs.

Robotic and Cobot applications are providing highly flexible modules that manufacturers, packagers, and logistics providers are leveraging within their business operations whether streamlining the packaging operation or automating the R&D laboratory operations for precision and consistency.

In this live webinar we discussed:

  • The current solutions robotic/cobot applications are providing manufacturers, including emerging capabilities, new applications and technologies, as well as a description of what to expect in the future.
  • Customer case studies and examples of how our collaborative robotic solutions are helping reshape manufacturing and giving manufacturers an edge in this dynamic environment of quickly evolving technology, while complying with existing and future regulations.
  •  Global roll-out of collaborative robotic solutions to multiple sites and departments through the deployment and support capabilities of CXV Global.


Philip Jadd, Applications and Product Development Manager, Xyntek Incorporated, a CXV Global company

Philip has over 12 years’ experience serving high-end manufacturing industries. He is Xynteks’ technical expert in collaborative robotic technologies and has worked on the integration and customization of turnkey robotic solutions for some of the biggest life sciences and high end manufacturers across the US. Philip also studied Biomedical Engineering at the George Washington University.

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