Brochure: Logistics-Quality Inspection

Combining The Latest Vision Technology With New AI Deep Learning Technology

During the last 15 years, logistic businesses have found ways to reduce packaging: customer packaging but also transport packaging. These reductions are driven by an environmental benefit but also to increase efficiencies, customer satisfaction and support the brand image. Companies used to think too little about the consequences of product damage due to poor packaging.

This drive to increase customer satisfaction and cost reduction, also supported a switch to reusable transport packaging to replace one-time pallets & boxes with reusable containers, reusable crates/pallets and pallet/ container pooling systems or so-called RTI’s (returnable transit items). Due to the high investment related to RTIs, it is crucial for logistic companies to have a utilization rate as high as possible and a minimal loss rate. Hence the need for INSPECTION INSTALLATIONS to ensure a long life and safekeeping the structural integrity and cleanliness of the RTI during its lifetime.

CXV Global offers two specific groups of solutions to the logistics industry based on a unique modular concept and combining the latest vision technology with new AI (artificial intelligence) Deep Learning technology for: tracking and tracing purposes and quality checking of RTI’S. This specific brochure covers: quality inspection solutions.