Brochure: Digitalising Validation for Life Sciences

Experience in providing GxP compliant digital validation software and resources for customisation and integration with site requirements


Life Science organisations are looking to implement a state of the art, lean paperless validation application that will allow them to scale, reduce cost, cut cycle times, gain greater efficiencies, visibility, accountability and increased data integrity while addressing all the current manual challenges. Currently managing all validation activities through a paper process in a fast-paced electronic world and demanding, regulated environment opens them up to risk and competitive shortcomings through human errors, data integrity issues, unnecessary audit findings, compliance issues*, increased documentation cycle times, poor cross-site collaboration, unknown metrics and time-consuming manual activities that can all be eliminated by implementing the right software application and the right resources to implement.

CXV Global’s experience in providing GxP compliant digital validation software through Kneat Solutions and resources for customization and integration with site requirements represents a valuable resource for your organization.

*FDA audit observations returned approx 2% of findings related to validation/qualification