Brochure: Advanced Machine Vision for Logistics Automation

We Combine Artificial Intelligence With Machine Vision for Factory Automation

The need to increase customer satisfaction and cost reduction, has supported a switch from one-time pallets & boxes to reusable packaging, crates/pallets/totes/trays or so-called Returnable Transit Packaging (RTP).
The last 5 years the usage of RTP’s has been growing exponentially linked to ERP systems that follow the location of each individual RTP during the complete logistic cycle. Traceability became a priority for these logistic operations not only to increase supply chain efficiency but also the high value (rental deposit) of these RTP’s makes them a target for theft and counterfeiting within the logistic chains.

Due to the high investment related to RTPs, it is crucial to have maximum utilization with minimal rate of loss. Hence the need for quality inspection installations, to ensure long life and safekeeping, structural integrity and cleanliness of the RTP during its lifetime.