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Many organizations manually inspect labels in order to meet the required 100% examination for correct labelling. While manual inspection meets requirements, it is costly in operator time, and prone to human error.  It also exposes the organisation to subjective standards of quality control as decisions are made by large numbers of individuals. Manual label inspection hinders the efficiency of the production line and over a significant period of time can impact the potential throughput of the packaging facility.

For all these reasons a robust, efficient, objective system of inspection is crucial for labelling operations. 

PrintInspector™ is a high resolution 100% in-line print inspection system for thermal transfer printed labels.  

  • PrintInspector™ inspects the label at the point of printing which introduces an objective standard of quality to the labelling process and saves a significant amount of time
  • It reduce risk of recalls that may impact your brand reputation
  • PrintInspector™ eliminates any labelling errors that pose a risk to the business and its reputation.
  • PrintInspector™ also allows organisations to maintain inspection records, capture images of failures and maintains a full audit trail and data integrity. 


Key Features:

  • Text checking of pre-print and over-printed variable data for accuracy and legibility using:
    • OCR – Optical Character Recognition
    • OCV – Optical Character Verification
  • Barcode inspection for data validation and readability
  • Compliance symbol verification
  • Graphical inspection of diagrams, images, logos, brands
  • Label drift detection
  • Anomaly detection / print splatter / blocked printheads/ over/under-burn
  • Presence / absence checking


PrintInspector™ inspects text at the character level.  It maintains inspection parameters for recurring label design print jobs that differ only by variable batch data e.g. Lot ID, manufacturing and expiry date.


Key Considerations for Life Sciences Companies:

Medical device and pharmaceutical product labels are mandated to include unique identifiers
PrintInspector™ can be integrated with labelling management systems to verify multiple variable data fields per batch and serialised label.

Quality, consistency and access control is important
PrintInspector™ maintains version control of the inspection configurations ensuring that, once designed and approved, it is protected from unauthenticated change

Validation must be considered as part of the overall solution
PrintInspector™ is accompanied by a validation pack of documents including FS, IQ, OQ and vendor PQ, as well as administrator and user manuals.  Our experienced validation teams can assist in the creation of customer PQs to expedite the time from installation to commissioned go-live into production

Safeguarding the latest printers and operating environments
PrintInspector™ integrates seamlessly with the latest Zebra ZT610 and ZT620 industrial printers. PrintInspector™ runs on the latest Windows 10 64-bit operating system

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