Product Spotlight: Automatic Robotic Labeler


Work in lab environments, clinical, and small scale manufacturing environments requires accurate labeling of various vials, bottles, syringes, injectors, cartridges and other small cylindrical objects. Many specialised printers are available to print and apply labels, but require an operator to manually pick up and place the various products in the labeler and then back into the material holding tray. CXV Global has created a robotic labeling solution that works in both a manual, semi-automatic mode or in a fully autonomous mode.

Key Features

  • Vision guided with fully automatic, or semi-automatic operation.
  • Includes both a manual & an automatic material handling/actuation mode.
  • Automatic Material Handling/Actuation
    • Cobot for picking and placement of various products (e.g. syringes, vials, cartridges) into a labeling machine, which will wrap a label around each product.
    • Robot will then remove labeled products from the labeler and deposit them in a staging area.
    • Robot will automatically choose the correct labeling recipe and corresponding material handling end effector.
  • Manual Mode
    • Operator places one item in the labeling cradel, and then actuates the labeler by placing their hands on Dual Hand Safety Switch
  • Designed to be flexible, capable of being configured for additional containers and device types that fit within the physical constraints of the equipment.

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