Custom Machine Vision Systems and AI Integration Solutions for the Logistic Industries

The need to increase customer satisfaction and cost reduction, supported a switch from one-time pallets & boxes to reusable transport packaging, crates/pallets/totes/trays or so-called RTI’s (returnable transit items).


The last 5 years the usage of RTI’s has been growing exponentially linked to ERP systems that follow the location of each individual RTI during the complete logistic cycle. Traceability became a priority for these logistic operations not only to increased supply chain efficiency but also the high value of these RTI’s (rental deposit) makes them a target for theft and counterfeiting within the logistic chains.

Due to the high investment related to RTIs, it is crucial to have maximum utilization  with minimal loss rate of loss. Hence the need for Quality inspection solutions to ensure a long life and safekeeping, the structural integrity and cleanliness of the RTI during its lifetime.

Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming increasingly popular in all walks of and now seeing great advances and value within industrial environments. When this is used in image processing, we call it Deep Learning.

Identifying subtle features, finding defects or contamination, previously impossible with classic image processing is where Deep Learning provides real advantages, as the inspection algorithm can be created automatically based on a database of good and bad images.

New solutions for traceability and quality inspection

All too often it is assumed that this technology is only used in the medical sector, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Over recent years this technology has also been used intensively by VistaLink for industrial automation projects in the automotive and logistics industry. VistaLink being a pioneer for Crate identification, has expanded its range of standard solutions for the distribution market to 6 new specific and modular solutions:


  • 3 track and trace solutions: CrateID inbound, CrateID outbound & CrateCheck
  • 3 quality inspection solutions for crates, pallets and containers respectively


Plastic pool crates used for the distribution of fruit and vegetables are tracked out and back into the facility, through high-speed wash process and subsequently inspected for damage and cleanliness. Our solution combines 3D image processing that can identify all possible deformations while Deep Learning enables identification of unique features on the crates, ensuring label free and differentiate contamination from normal wear and tear.

Universal yet simple

Our “Crate” systems provide a universal solution for all possible plastic pool containers. These solutions can be adapted to almost all types of crates and containers regardless of their shape, colour or dimensions.  This complex technology is fully integrated into an intuitive and graphical environment, with simple steps new crate types can be learned providing ease of use and low cost of ownership.

 VistaLink being part of CXV Global group can provide solutions globally with local support and service from over 300 engineers, 8 offices of which 5 in UK / Europe and 3 in North America.


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