Robotic Labeling Solution


Work in lab environments, clinical, and small scale manufacturing environments requires accurate labeling of various vials, bottles, syringes, injectors, cartridges and other small cylindrical objects. Many specialized printers are available to print and apply labels, but require an operator to manually pick up and place the various products in the labeler and then back into the material holding tray. CXV Global has created a robotic labeling solution that works in both a manual, semi-automatic mode or in a fully autonomous mode.

Our customer contacted the CXV Global team to develop a lab-scale automatic labeling system for a wide variety of products. The goal was to produce a robotic solution that allowed technicians to label products in both a manual and an automated mode.

The robotic labeling solution is integrated into the customer’s production R&D laboratory and allows them to assess automated labeling compatibility on a wide variety of products prior to implementation in a production environment. The automated operation enables technicians to work on other tasks while labeling full trays of samples.

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