Protecting Employees Through A Mask Inspection System

Cost-effective, flexible and automated solution that can thoroughly inspect masks for defects in the mask material, nose bar and ear loops

To ensure employees were protected during the Covid-19 pandemic and beyond, our customer started producing their own masks to supply their work force with quality medical masks every day. Manual inspection of masks carries a very high error rate and is also a tedious and time-consuming task for human inspectors. Their preference was an cost-effective, flexible, automated solution that would be able to thoroughly inspect the mask for defects in the mask material, nose bar and ear loops. They found the ideal partner in CXV Global with over 30 years of machine vision experience to provide this solution at their US facility.


Key Customer Results:

  • New Automated Mask Inspection Solution for client
  • Removed tedious, manual inspection
  • Defects detected can be: mask material defects, cut/missing ear loop welds, covering part, ear loops, metal strip and edges.
  • Thorough, automated inspection of product
  • Customer is safe in the know that their workforce is protected
  • Flexible solution that can be switched to an alternative product


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