Pharmaceutical Track and Trace

Serialisation for Compliance With Korean Regulations

The key requirement on this project was the serialisation of products to meet Korean market regulations.

Korean regulations mandate manufacturers to ensure secondary packaging of pharmaceutical products are printed with an item level serial number (SGTIN) in the form of a 2D barcode or RFID, as well as the capability to hold five lines of Human Readable Text (HRT). These lines can include variable data such as lot and date codes, expiry, price, etc., and all codings must be to GS1 standards. As part of this solution, the customer also requested an off-line warehouse solution that would be capable of commissioning/ decommissioning product out of batch.

CXV Global’s team of Software and Installation & Commissioning Engineers devised a solution that comprised hardware and software from CXV Global, Antares Vision and Cognex.

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