Lipstick Carton Inspection Modules

Thorough inspection of newly produced lipstick cartons via an automated inspection solution resulting in more accuracy and higher productivity than its human counterparts

Efficiency and customer safety are essential aspects to consider when manufacturing cosmetic products. With complex processes and faster production lines, operators are finding it increasingly difficult to inspect for defects, contamination and quality standards without impacting line efficiency. Manual inspection also increases risk of human error and missed defect detection. The second those defects leave the factory doors, they can damage the brand reputation.

Our multi-national cosmetics client reached out CXV Global with a distinct challenge related to the thorough inspection of their lipstick cartons on their New Jersey production line. They wanted an automated inspection system that eliminated the uncertainty and error that comes along with having operators perform the packing and inspecting of their lipstick cartons for many hours.

CXV Global rose to the challenge and created a Carton Inspection Module to inspect and scrutinize their newly produced lipstick cartons to ensure excellent product safety, improved efficiency, lower costs and compliance. The inspection system, customized to meet our client requirements, rejects non-conformities off the line via pressurized air system. These rejects enter an electronically locked reject bin that only users with heightened permission can unlock and access. Through the automation of carton inspection, invalid or unreadable cartons are eliminated from each batch at a constant speed and high accuracy to ensure a standardised output of homogeneous products with near-zero error.


Key Customer Outcomes:

  • Higher Accuracy: The automated inspection system will have a higher average defect detection rate than human operators, which should result in fewer errors going forward for our client.
  • Lower Costs: Minimises reworks and product recalls, which means production costs will be significantly lower.
  • Inspection of different colored cartons and text: RGB (Red, Green, Blue) lighting allows for easy viewing of different colored cartons and text. This dramatically expands the different products that can be inspected by the solution.
  • Boosted Supply Chain Speeds: The streamlined process flow cuts down on the bottleneck involved with manual involvement with packing operations. The reduced manual involvement shortens downtime in the production process and boosts supply chain speeds.
  • Stronger Brand Integrity: Higher quality products will strengthen brand reputation in the market.
  • Less Resources: Without the need for a manual inspection team, operators can be redeployed to other areas of the production line.
  • Continuous Improvement in Quality Control: Repeatable and reliable inspection.


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