Automated Qualification Framework (AQF)

CXV Global has developed an Automated Qualification Framework (AQF) for our customer that significantly reduces the time and cost of Windows OS remediation.

At most pharmaceutical companies, the process of building workstations with all required off the shelf and custom software and the subsequent verification and qualification of GxP workstations is a manual and time-consuming process, typically taking hundreds of hours. With the sunset of support of Windows 7, many companies need to update hundreds of GxP workstations in their laboratories and manufacturing lines to Windows 10. To fast track the remediation process for our customer, CXV Global developed an Automated Qualification Framework (AQF) that significantly reduced the time and cost of Windows OS remediation.

From the first implementation of AQF for our customer, the team has remediated around 3000 workstations globally. Prior to using the AQF, each workstation would typically take 2-3 weeks and involve IT for the base workstation build and validation as well as the scientists for application installation and validation. The AQF enables one IT team to complete the entire process in one day. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the team was able to use the AQF remotely to continue the remediation process to build and validate 400 workstations per month.

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