Automated Packaging Solution For Pick & Place Of Vials

Automated packing solution that supports manually packing of vials and cartons into a container from a rotary conveyor to save time and costs

A global biotechnology company wanted to improve their operational efficiency at one of their US facilities through the automation of manual processes. The goal was to get an automated packing solution that supported manually packing of vials and cartons into a container from a rotary conveyor to save time and costs. The solution needed to efficiently pick up a number of cartons with product inside from the top face. The solution also needed to work side by side with an operator to detect and inform them if the region of interest was clear of obstruction before placing any product in the container. They reached out to single source engineering and automation experts CXV Global to solve this efficiency challenge on site with a solution that matched the customer handling requirement and integrated within existing business operations and systems.


Key Customer Results

  • Our customer has boosted their operational efficiency on site and is now able to pack 160 vials into a container and similarly pack 100 cartons into a container in about five minutes.
  • The lateral grippers are 3-D printed for easy, quick, and adjustable exchanging to fit several vials sizes and in the event of mismanagement, the grippers are breakable to avoid damaging any product.
  • Operators can work side-by-side with the collaborative robot without guarding.
  • The collaborative robot is also mobile so it may be moved around and set up wherever the customer may see fit.
  • Given our customer an edge in this dynamic environment of quickly evolving technology, while complying with existing and future regulations.
  • It has provided a low integration cost to the customer, resulting in a faster return on investment.

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